Pacer Profile

Dilip Sharma

Dilip Sharma,37 years old.working as a Marketing manager in Engineering Company in Ahmedabad.athlete in school and collage days but due to career setup in sales and marking job gain weight up to 105 kg then 4 year back got single to reduce weight i start walking 25 to 30 km daily and with in 6 months lost 36 kgs. back in normal weight and then to maintain it i started running short distance.form last two years i am running long distances and taking part in marathons.Started my running with night marathon carnival in 2016 HM. Ran more than 60 HMs, 2 FMs, 30 event runs, 100 days of running, 1 Ultra run SPRR 2017, TMM 2018, AHM 2017. with personal best of 1hr48min HM in Ahmedabad adani half marathon 2018 and 4hr 16 min FM in TMM2018.

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Capt. Rahul Rajyaguru

I am an Ex Officer from Indian Armed Forces and a passionate runner. I strongly believe that " Running is a way of life" and connect strongly with running. Running is easy provided that we know correct running technique - proper running form and breathing technique. Apart from technique it's very important to be passionate about running and propel yourself to achieve continuous progression. I believe in injury free running and continuously try to evolve myself as a runner. I constantly experiment with nutritional aspects and training schedule to tune myself to my running goals. I have been into various sports like football, kick boxing and has been a competitive powerlifter.

I have participated in 05 half marathons and 04 full marathons including Airtel Hyderabad Marathon, Standard Charter Mumbai Marathon, Vizag Navy Marathon, Ahemedabad Marathon to name a few. I am currently training for a couple of Full Marathons. In half Marathons I have successfully paced participants for Sub 2 Hr finish.

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Ramesh Babu Gattu

Started my running with BSafal 2016 HM. Ran more than 100 HMs, 5 FMs, 40 event runs, 100 days of running, 2 Ultras including SPRR 2017, Mumbai 12hr Ultra 2017, SCMM2017, TMM 2018, AHM 2017. A barefoot runner with personal best of 1hr44min HM in BSafal 2018 and 4hr 8min FM in TMM2018. Successfully paced 5hr FM bus in Adani Marathon 2017.

Will be pacing 5 hr FM bus with first 21km in 2hr 15 min and second 21km in 2 hr 45min with hydration breaks from 12km for every 4 km.

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Dr. Bhaskar Thakkar

I am member of ADR since 2013.I took part in 8 Half Marathon till date.My personal best timing for Half Marathon is 1 hour 51 minutes in B-Safal Marathon - 24Dec2017.I will be pacing 2 hr 15 mins bus with below mentioned pacing plan

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Umang Gajjar

This is Umang Gajjar. I have been running past 2 years. My races : In last 2 years I have participated in more than 20 official events Including 9 Half Marathons, 2 Trail marathons, 3 Full Marathons, 2 Ultra Events , a Stadium Run & few 10k. My personal best in a Half Marathon ( HM ) is 2:12:47 & in a Marathon is 5:07:40. To name few events, I have participated in TMM, SCHM, TSK25, AdaniHM, Bsafal, Matheran Endurathon, Mumbai Ultra, Rajkot HM etc. As a pacer, I am very keen on sharing the joy of running and helping all the fellow runners cross finish line within their target time. The appreciation and exhilarating smile from fellow runners at the finish line is rewarding enough.

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Satwik Rajani

Satwik Rajani, Age : 24,Running since : 2016.HM PB : 1:29 ,FM PB : 3:47.Unived brand ambassador One of the youngest Indian to run the comrades ultra marathon in South Africa

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Vishal Khalas

I have finished Vasai Virar half marathon in 2016.I have finished Gandhinar Half Marathon.Rajkot half marathon and Bhavnagar Half Marathon 2017.All three half marathons finished within 2.30.Also attended ADR Stadium Run 4 hours and Ghandhinagar Trail Run 2017.I have finished Adani Half AAM17 HALF MARATHON in 01:55:52.I have finished BSafal HALF MARATHON in 01:52:13.And lastly attended and Completed Tata Mumbai Marathon 2018 in 05:13:53. Also doing swimming and cycling also and attended spring triathlon in Baroda.

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